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ailing fig tree

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Ok, so tis might be the wrong place to pose this question, but I'd really appreciate some help, if anyone knows what to do.

I got a fig tree for my graduation that had recently been repotted in May. It's a terrific gift, but I think maybe it was repotted too soon, and I'm having a lot of trouble keeping it happy, especially after my recent move to Philadelphia.A little about it. 

- It is about 2.5 feet tall
- It lives in a 2 gallon pot.
- I keep it in a south facing window
- The tag on it says "Big Al's Fig, Black Fruit."
- It gets droopy unless it is watered every other day. I've been using tap water, with monthly additions of miracle grow root booster.

Recently, after not watering it on the third day instead of the second, it has dropped all but one of its leaves. And it only had 5 to start with! I'm attaching pictures, so that you can see how sad it looks. How can I nurse this baby back to health?

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