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Ok, so tis might be the wrong place to pose this question, but I'd really appreciate some help, if anyone knows what to do.

I got a fig tree for my graduation that had recently been repotted in May. It's a terrific gift, but I think maybe it was repotted too soon, and I'm having a lot of trouble keeping it happy, especially after my recent move to Philadelphia.A little about it. 

- It is about 2.5 feet tall
- It lives in a 2 gallon pot.
- I keep it in a south facing window
- The tag on it says "Big Al's Fig, Black Fruit."
- It gets droopy unless it is watered every other day. I've been using tap water, with monthly additions of miracle grow root booster.

Recently, after not watering it on the third day instead of the second, it has dropped all but one of its leaves. And it only had 5 to start with! I'm attaching pictures, so that you can see how sad it looks. How can I nurse this baby back to health?

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Hey all,

Recently I posted about identifying a plant that I was trying to identify:

After several comments, I had narrowed it down to some type of Peperomia plant with peltate leaves. I researched for two days, and finally found an article which not only identified this plant, but also gave a bit of history.

The Chinese Money Plant Story

Wikipedia: Pilea peperomioides

Thanks again for ALL of your help, this was the last plant I had to identify, so my collection is now complete! (That is, until I start bringing more home...)

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Hey all,

This is my first post, feel free to check out my journal which has great pics of our little urban jungle.

I have been trying to identify all of my houseplants, and I'm down to one unknown. I'm hoping someone here can identify it.

Here's the pic.Collapse )

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I couldn't get this to work, I 'll have to try it on a non-mac.
Let me know if it is worth the effort. :)
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Way beyond the tacky Kmart inflatable ghosties

Click here for the slide show

...and whatever (or whomever) he does in his free time remains a mystery...
*sigh* I have to concur, he's too hot to be het.
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Hi... I was asked to cross-post this post here... so Hello! and Here goes!:

Now you may not like this but I do like it very much. Two weeks ago, I was watering my plants in the tub. I learned to get the soil really wet so that water is dripping out the hole in the bottom, then let them just drain water out for like an hour. Well, when I did this two weeks ago, I needed to also take a shower so I moved the plant to the outside bar of my shower rod. My shower rod goes in the shape of a curved "L" and I have not had the chance to get another curtain to fix the smaller side of the "L" yet. Anyway, as I was taking my shower, I saw the plant there and it felt like I was showering in a rainforest and well, I kinda liked it. I also liked how it just made the bathroom more "alive". So anyway, I will share a few photos of my bathroom and you can tell me if you love it or hate it. Click to enlarge photos:

Door into my bathroom

Door into bathroom

My bathroom! (yikes!)Collapse )
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Hello! I found this community through mutual interests, and I'm excited to read through it. I also started a new community recently - ourlovelyhomes - and would like to invite everyone to post pics of your homes, design projects, and landscaping ideas! I cannot wait to get some ideas for my home. I've already done some remodeling, but have a lot of work left to do!
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mint and ivy in jars mint and ivy in jars
Less was more

I went outside and clipped a bunch of ivy. I took it into the tub and washed the leaves with Dr. Bronner's soap and water to get the dirt (and bugs if there were any) off.
I pulled off the bottom few leaves and put them in the jars.

The thin jar looked too busy, so I took most of the ivy out and left a small bunch of ivy and peppermint in it. A week later, I have changed the water once, and several of the branches have begun to root already. (even the rosemary!)
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before before

I found this jar in Marshall's for $9.99. Here it is with water sitting out overnight.
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